Saturday, June 25, 2011

Lycra Presence

I was up early this morning when the first of several groups of riders blew by. One last ride before the Ironman in the morning. "Good going guys, you look fit and ready. Love the colors, your thighs are gorgeous, really"! It was a sweet sight, that stream of Lycra and color and bikes right by my house. I could feel a shift in the bike energy of the neighborhood. 

I have loathed riding this road and generally so do other cyclists - I never see any bikes rolling by. In addition to being a busy thoroughfare, Prairie Ave has no shoulder in this stretch, save for the white line. I dash down that line to the nearest side street thankful that the speed limit is only 40. I feel small and vulnerable and it irks me to feel intimidated. I know it can be harrowing for a bike; cars have small leeway and not all are as attentive to my ass as I would like them to be. Safety in numbers guys! Thanks for bringing bike presence to Prairie Ave.
(ps, this is not my photo, it is clearly a googled image)

Ride Comments: 

I was pulling the kid along the bike path to Blue Grass Park and its various slides today when I spied a chick hauling a trailer ahead. AH HA! Game on, let's see what you got. We took no time at all to catch them, game as she was through curves and crossings. They were a petite blonde and a boy that looked to be getting just about to the age of getting his own bike. In other words, a load; a shifty load crammed into a space just big enough; antsy, eager. Not like the Kid. He is still small, there is room in his ride for two of him. So he has a blanket, a bottle, a toy, a hoody; all the comforts.  Speaking of comforts, the other day I swear I saw a little girl with an iPad in her dad-powered trailer. At any rate, we shared a hello on the pass then she said, “Look Jason, we're getting passed!”  Jason didn't look too pleased. I thought someday soon that will be me, load still move-able, but the weigh ratio shifted. Some day he will be too big go fast with, or to fit in the space. But for right now he sings to unwritten songs, and I bike through mom infested playgrounds.

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